Construct2 Template and Example Exploration

Construct2 provides many templates to use when starting new games and also a number of examples. You are going through those templates and examples to see what can be done in Construct2.

Turn In: Answer the questions below in a word processing document using complete sentences. Be descriptive in your answers.

Note: Construct2 should be installed on your computer and it should be started it. If it is not, please do do that before continuing.

Start your word processing document and be prepared to answer the following questions as you work through the activity. You may want to include some notes in your word processing document as you work through the activity.

1) Name three of the templates or examples that you enjoyed trying out? Explain a few of the things that you liked about each of the items you named.

2) List up to three of the templates or examples that did not work for you or gave you an error message. For each one, tell which web browser you were using and what the error message or behavior was that caused it not to run.

We are going to open up each of the provided templates and examples in Construct2 and run them. Once running, feel free to take a few minutes to explore the running project. Some are complete games while others are the starting point for a specific type of game. There are a lot of them but as you work through the activity, you will find ways to work quicker in Construct2 (which will help you throughout the course).

Click on the File tab then click on New. Select the "New empty project" then click on the Open button. This will open two name tabs called Layout 1 and Event sheet 1 beside the Start page tab.

Click on the "Run Layout" button. In the upper left corner of Construc2 is a button bar and the Run Layout button is the circle with a triangle in the middle. When you click on the Run Layout button, a new web browser should open and you will see a plain white screen.

Congratulations, you have just run your first Construct2 program. However, it does not do anything but give us a plain white screen.

Close the web browser.

Click inside the white area of the Layout 1 tab to bring Construct2 in focus. Hold down the Alt key then press the F key. You should see the File menu options and the letter N beside New. Make sure you are not holding the Alt key then press N. You should see the listing of templates and examples. Choose the next one below the "New empty project" and click on Open.

You will see a new Layout 1 and Event sheet 1 tabs open in different colors. Hold down the Alt key and press the H key or click on Home to display the Home menu then click on the Run Layout option. A new web browser will open with the current project.

Depending on the project, it may or may not do something interesting. When finished with that close the web browser and go back into Construct2.

If we continue opening a lot of projects, there will be a lot of tabs opened up. In the File menu, select Close project. You will be asked to Save, Don't Save, or Cancel. If we were working on something, we would probably want to save it. If we were not sure, then we could Cancel to go back to Construct2. However, we don't want this project and don't want to save it so pick Don't Save. Do the File then Close project again to close the other project. You should be back at the Start page tab.

From the Start page tab, click on New Project, then pick the next template or example. After you get new Layout 1 and Event sheet 1 tabs, press the F5 key found at the top of your keyboard. The F5 key is the shortcut key to start the current project (same as clicking the Run Layout button).

Once you have looked at what is in the web browser, close it and return to Construct2.

Note: Several of the first items that you open are different sized blank templates and will probably not do much or anything. Once you get into the items that start with Template: and Example: then you should see some action.

You have several ways to open, run the layout, and close projects in Construct2.

Continue going through the rest of templates or examples and answer the questions for this assignment.

This activity will take some time and probably will not be done all at once. Make a note of where you left off so you can start from there.

When finished, close out of Construct2 by clicking on File then Exit or by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of Construct2. When asked about saving click on "Don't save". You will then see a closing screen. Wait until you can then click on "Close Construct2". Because we are using the free version of Construct2, you will need to wait a few seconds for the Close button to be active.

Tip: You can view the games in different browsers. When running a project, copy web address (usually http://localhost:50000/) from the browser the game is running in to the one of your choice. You can change your default browser in the File menu then pick Preferences. Click on the Preview tab in Preferences. Change the Default preview browser to the browser of your choice. The item (default) means your computer's default browser. Click Ok when done in Preferences.

Tip: A number of the games use the keyboard arrow keys for movement and a few use the WAD for up/left/right movement. Some also use the mouse to either help turn the player or to act as touch. When you are opening a template or example, there is a brief description of what it will do. Many of the items will provide brief directions or comments.

Copyright © 2021 Eric Schumm. Permission granted to freely use this in your classroom.