Getting to Know Construct2

This activity will help you learn a little bit about Construct2 and some of the resources available to help you learn Construct2. Construct2 is one of many game engines that can be used to create games.

Turn In: A word processing document containing the information asked for in this activity. Each item to include in your document will have a number in front of it below. Also put that number in front of each of your responses in the word processing document.

Note: Construct2 should be installed on your computer. If it is not, please do do that before continuing.

Tip: Two screens may work better than one in many of the Construct2 activities. We will often be working between the activities on this site, the Construct2 editor, reference materials, search engines, and other resources. If you have a second monitor to plug into your laptop or if you have a second device such as a computer or tablet consider using those to put the different things you are working on. Find a working environment that makes you productive and feels comfortable.

Start your word processing document. As you go through this activity save it often (if it does not auto-save).

Go to Scirra home page. Scirra is the company that makes Construct2. Click on the link below ...

Scirra Home Page

Click on the Arcade link. Notice that they have categories of games and also list their Hot, Top, Popular, and New games. These are games that people have created and uploaded to the site.

Browse through the games and try a few out. They should all be free. Limit your time to playing the games as you have other things to complete.

1. Find one of the games that you thought was good and put its name and the web address to the game (click in the address bar, highlight the address, and copy it either by right click and copy or by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the C key) in your document. Also, provide a brief paragraph containing a few specific things you liked about the game.

Also on the Scirra site are Tutorials. Click on the Tutorials link and browse through the different tutorials listed. Notice that there is a search option and categories to choose from. The tutorials are designed to help you learn specific things in Construct2. If there is something you are trying to do in Construct2, see if there is a tutorial to help you learn that.

2. Open up the tutorial called Beginner's Guide to Construct2. Scroll down that tutorial to the heading called Inserting Objects. In your word processing document, describe the type of background image that you see.

Start up Construct2. You may have an icon on your desktop for Construct2 (looks like a gear). On Windows7 and newer, you can press the Windows button and type construct then click on the item found. The Windows button is usually near the space bar and when pressed brings up program menu in Windows7 and the Start page in Windows8 and Windows10.

When Construct2 starts up you will be asked to buy a license. Click on the No thanks link, we will be using the free version. Notice in the middle of Construct2 the Start page with some helpful links. If you don't see the Start page, click on Home and then Start page.

As your work in Construct2 there may be times when you want to understand what something does. The Construct2 manual has a lot of good reference material. You can get to the Construct2 manual from the Scirra web page. Another way to get to the manual is to pick Manual under the Useful Links on the Start page. Go ahead and click on that link now.

The Construct2 manual can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file or you can reference it on-line. When on-line, there is a search option and left side navigation.

Click on the Interface navigation menu. It expands to show you the topics in that section and shows you some information about that section. In the section information, click on the link called Interface Overview. You should see an image with 9 numbers on it. We are going to use that as reference as we explore Construct2.

For the remainder of this activity, we are going to switch between the manual's interface overview page and Construct2.

Tip: To switch between applications (i.e. manual page and Construct2) in Windows, hold down the Alt key and press the Tab key. When you press the Tab key and release the Alt key it goes to the previously used application. If more than two applications running, you can keep the Alt key down and keep pressing the Tab key until you get to the application you want to be active.

In Construct2, on the start page, click on the New Project link. A list of templates or examples will open up. Pick the New empty project and click on Open. When you do, notice that several of the areas of Construct2 look different.

3. What is the name of the tab that is open in Construct2 View tabs section?

4. In the lower right corner of Construct2 is an area called Objects. On the manual interface overview page, what is the number of that section? If you scroll down on the manual page, what is the offical name of that section in the manual?

5. In Construct2, click on the Home tab. What is the name of the button that looks like a bug with a triangle on it?

Spend a few minutes reviewing the interface overview page. Notice the Properties area. Notice that the Project Bar/Layers Bar tabs let you switch between those. Click on File and notice that you have a number of things to pick from including Preferences.

When done with Construct2, either click the X in the upper right corner of Construct2 or click on File then Exit. Since we opened a new project but did not save it, you are asked what to do with the unsaved new project. Click on the Don't save button. Each time you close the free version it gives you the opportunity to buy the licensed version or close. The close link will take a few seconds to become active. For now we are using the free version so pick the button to Close Construct2.

Copyright © 2021 Eric Schumm. Permission granted to freely use this in your classroom.