Research: Background on YourGame

Good games often require research. In this activity you are going to do needed research for YourGame.

Turn In: Word processing document with research being done on YourGame. This can be a section in an existing document or a separate document.

Either in a new document or in a new section of an existing document, record notes on the research you are doing for YourGame.

What kind of research should you do? The answer depends on what things you want or need to know in order to make your game better. Below are some questions which you can use to help determine what would be helpful for your game.

What are some of the games that are in the same category as the game you are going to create? What are some of the popular features in those games that will also be in your game? What are some of the things that your game will include that is unique or different from other games in this category of games?

If you are not sure what kind of games are popular, what types of things people enjoy doing in those games, and other tips on what makes a good or bad game, then include those things in your research.

You may want to include some functionality in your game that you have not done before. Do some research on how how that can be done ... either a tutorial, a video describing it, or specific instructions on how to accomplish the task.

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