Code: Build/write/code your program

You have thought about, researched, and designed your game. Now it is time to start building it.

Turn In: YourGame game CAPX file

In the activity, you are going to build your game. Use the research that you did and the designs that you created. Refer back to those items as you go along.

Break your game into small parts and build it one part at a time. A big project can be intimidating when viewed as a whole. By picking one part of the game at a time and working on it, that is more manageable.

As you build your game, test to make sure that the parts you are working on work properly. Test to make sure that the new parts you add work with the previous parts of the game.

Note: As you make a significant improvement to your game and before you start the next big part of it, make a copy of the game. Should there be a problem with the new part, you can always go back to or refer back to the most recent copy that you made.

Use the course materials, Internet, and other resources for reference as you create your game. Those resources can be helfpul if you have things that are not working or if you want your game to do some things that you have not yet learned how to do.

Your game should have a title screen that includes the name of your game and a credit screen that includes your name. If you use free sound resources that require giving the author credit, add that to your credit screen. You may include graphics in your game that you have asked other people to create for you ... be sure to give those people credit if you do that.

Most of your layouts will have multiple layers for the background, for the player(s), and for other objects that are visually better when on different layers.

If you have any problems or questions, ask your instructor and provide your instructor with a copy of your game to review to assist with helping to answer any questions you have.

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