Test: Test Plan and Test Plan Execution

Making sure that your game works properly is very important. Most people will not play a game that does not work correctly. This activity takes you through a semi-formal testing process.

Turn In: Word processing document with the testing being done on YourGame. This can be a section in an existing document or a separate document.

In the software industry, game and computer program testing is a very detailed and involved process. To illustrate, here are some terms that you can research to get an idea of some of what is involved in testing ... automated tests, unit tests, testing methodologies, and regression testing. As you start looking into those terms and other related topics, you can easily see how extensive software and game testing is.

For this activity, we are going to dip our toe into the world of testing. You are going to create a word processing document or a new section in your existing document that lists the tests that should be done on your game and the results of the testing.

In some companies, the developer does a lot of their own testing. In other companies, a group of people separate from the ones developing the software are responsible for the testing.

You are going to do some of the testing and hopefully you are able to "recruit" one or two people to help you do the testing.

Make a list of items you are going to test. For instance, you might include "Player moves up, down, left, and right using the arrow keys" or "Game advances to level 2 when 50 points are scored". Each item that you add to the list should be a specific thing that can tested and marked as either pass or fail.

After listing the items that need to be tested, describe how the testing will be done. Who will be doing the testing? You will be doing testing but you may also ask a few other people to help you test. The first names of those helping you do testing is sufficient for this document. What devices will you be testing on and testing with? Testing most likely will be done using a Windows computer but you may want to also include testing on tablet devices, smart phones, or other devices. You may design your game to work with touch or with a game controller. Be sure to include information on the devices that you are including in your testing.

The final part of this phase is your test plan execution. Your document needs to show the testing that you and those helping you test completed. Document what tests passed and what tests failed. Be sure that your test plan shows that each of the devices you listed were tested.

It is ok if some items fail testing, the intent of the test plan is to identify what needs to be tested and the test plan execution identifies what things are working properly and what things need corrected. Any of the things that fail testing will be corrected in a future phase of the project.

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