UBuild: Maze Game

An excellent way to learn about multiple level games is to build one.

Turn In: Maze3.capx game file.

Start by either making a copy of the Maze2.capx and rename as Maze3.capx or create a new game file. The windows size and the layout size should both be 320 by 480 for the entire game.

The Maze3.capx game file will have a startup screen that shows the title of your game and your game play instructions. The game will have three different levels with each level having a different maze configuration. Each level can use the same players or they can use different players.

Your maze game should have a player on each level that the user can move around through the maze. There should be one or more enemies that move around the maze and go after the player. When the enemy collides with the player, either the player loses a life or the game is over. If lose a life then game is over after losing 3 lives.

When the game is over, display the "Sorry game over" screen. The game over screen should have the option to start a new game if they would like.

On the maze should be power points that when the player collides with them, the player gets a designated number of points. Once the player acculumates the appropriate number of points they will move to the next level. If they accumulate the designated number of points on the third level then they will see the "You win" screen. The "You win" screen will also have an option to start the game over.

Copyright © 2021 Eric Schumm. Permission granted to freely use this in your classroom.