Turning in Your Assignments

For this course, assignments will be turned in weekly as a compressed (zipped) file. This activity takes you through that process.

Turn In: The zip file containing assignments for this week.

Each week you will turn in one file containing all of the files completed during the activities for the week.

Create a folder that corresponds to the week you are currently doing assignments for. The folder for the first week should be named Week1 and the second week folder will be named Week2 and so on for each of the rest of weeks.

Inside that folder put a copy of all of your programming files, screenshot images, word processing documents, and any other files that need to be turned in for the week.

Using Week1 as an example ... once you have everything in the folder for the week, right click on folder (i.e. Week1) and pick "Send to" then pick "Compressed (zipped) folder". You will see a filed called Week1.zip (or just Week1 with an icon that looks like a folder with a zipper on it).

Send the Week1.zip file to your instructor.

Note: If you are not using Windows please contact your instructor for assistance on how to compress the folder for each week so that it can be turned in.

Copyright © 2021 Eric Schumm. Permission granted to freely use this in your classroom.