Popular Games and Categories of Games

The focus of this activity is to explore the different categories of games. Games that are similar are usually identified in the same category. Understanding those categories helps in your game design and in learning techniques common to various categories of games.

Turn In: A word processing document identifying and describing 5 different categories and some games in each category. You will include sources to support your research. More details are provided below in the activity.

In this activity we are going to look at some popular games and also categories of games. That information helps when learning to both design and also create games.

Think about some of the games that you have played. How are they similar to each other? How are they different from each other?

For instance, one type (or category) of games is sports game. Whether the sport is football, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, soccer, golf, or volleyball, all of these types of games have players that you become, others become, or the computer plays. The rules of that specific sport are followed. Often you can choose your team and player. Sometimes you can customize your own player or team. The game may be with college players or professional players. Some games let you become a team/player from 20 years ago. Even though each specific game you play is different, all of them together are categorized as sports games and share common characteristics.

Do some research and find some different listings of game categories, descriptions of the categories, and some of the games in those categories.

Tip: When researching, search both on category and genre

For this activity, you are going to include the web address to three different websites/resources that you used when looking for game categories. However, Wikipedia may not be one of your sources that you include (you may use it for your own reference). Wikipedia is often one of the first sites that come up when doing this and other research.

In your word processing document, list 5 different categories of games that you found and your description of each category. Read how your sources describe the category then put it into your own words. Do not use sports games as one of your categories.

Also, list at least 5 popular games in each of the 5 different game categories.

Tip: When doing research, it is sometimes helpful to work backwards. You can start by picking some popular games then research what type (category) of game that is.

There are a lot of listings of popular games out there. Below are a few games that have been played over the years which you can use to get started. Use some of your favorite games when researching what categories they would fall into.

Angry Birds
Animal Crossing
Brain Age
Candy Crush
Cut the Rope
Dig Dug
Donkey Kong
Flappy Bird
Fruit Ninja
Guitar Hero
Need for Speed
Oregon Trail
Plants vs. Zombies
Pole Position
Space Chem
Space Invaders
Super Mario Bros
The Sims

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