Career Exploration - Game Designer

Interested in becoming a game designer for an occupation? This activity's focus is on exploring the career of game designer.

Turn In: This is an optional activity so only submit this if instructed to do so or if this is something you would like to complete.

For this activity, you will explore and collect information about the career of game designer. Here are some questions to research as you explore the career of game designer. If writing a report, creating a presentation, or doing a video report, use the information found during your research and organize that information in a meaningful way.

1. What does a game designer do?

2. What type of training is needed to be a game designer? What classes/subjects should be taken in high school? What should be studied in college?

3. How much money does a game designer make?

4. Who is hiring game designers? Are they in demand or are there more game designers than available jobs?

5. Where are game designer jobs at? All over the world or in specific places?

6. What should I do now to prepare to be a game designer if interested in this career?

7. Other interesting information about the career of game designer?

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