Heads Up Display via the Beginner Tutorial

Whether Construct2 or anything else that you are learning, it is helpful to have good tutorials and reference material. In this activity we are going through the Beginner's guide to Construct2.

Turn In: Game file created when working through the tutorial

A player often wants or needs to see information during game play. This is often referred to as the Heads Up Display or HUD. Key information needed by the game should be a part of the HUD. The display items are usually on the corners or edges of the display, stay in their position while the game display moves, and often has some level of transparency so that game play is visible.

In this activity you are going to work through the Beginner's guide to Construct2 tutorial written by Ashley, developer of Construct2. Some of the things in the tutorial will be review. Other parts, including the HUD, will probably be new to you.

You can either go to the Construct2 tutorials using the link below then pick the Beginner's guide to Construct 2 tutorial to get started.

Construct2 Tutorials

The direct link to the tutorial is provided below.

Beginner's guide to Construct 2

One other new concept presented in this tutorial is instance variables.

The tutorial has multiple pages. Work through each of the pages in the tutorial and complete the game while reviewing some concepts and learning others.

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