Download and Install Construct2

In this activity we are going to install Construct2 on your computer.

Turn In: You will not be turning anything in for this assignment.

If Construct2 is already installed on your computer, then read through the rest of the page and you are finished. Be sure to ask permission of either your parents if a home computer or the appropriate person at school if this is a school computer before installing Construct2.

Construct2 is an application that runs on Windows computers. Go to the following link ...

Construct2 Home Page

In the grey area, you will see a "Free Download" link or if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a "Get Free Edition" button. Click on either of those.

Both links should take you to the "Latest Stable" page which is the version of Construct2 that you will want to download and install.

Note: Latest beta has the latest features but also has some things that don't work properly so we want to use the latest stable. For this course, we will be using the free version to learn about Construct2. If you find you need some of the pay version features for your own projects, you can pursue that on your own.

Click on the Download button and save the file to your computer. Either let your browser download to the location of its choosing or specify where you want it to download to. You do not have to fill out the information on the Download page and there is a "Try again" link if Construct2 did not start to download after one or two minutes.

Once downloaded, open the folder that the file is in (sometimes the Download folder). The file will be called construct2-rNNN-setup.exe where the NNN is the current stable version number.

Right click on the downloaded file and pick Properties. Look in the lower right corner of the Properties window to see if there is an Unblock button or an Unblock check box. If there is, click the Unblock button or check the Unblock box. Click the Ok button to close the Properties dialog. Windows marks files as potentially dangerous when you download them. The Unblock button/check tells Windows that you trust the file. The installation will go smoother.

Double-click on the construct2-rNNN-setup.exe file to begin the installation process. If prompted about making changes to the computer, click on Yes. In the Setup Wizard, click Next to get started. Accept the license agreement and click Next. Click Next to accept the location to install Construct2. If you know that you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, you can choose that option or just leave the Auto-detect setting. Click Next. Check the "Create a desktop icon" if you. Click Next. Click Install to begin the installation.

Note: If Construct2 is already installed on your computer, a dialog box says that. Click Yes to have Setup uninstall the old version first.

When the Setup is completed, you will be presented with several options. You do not need to get additional web browsers (i.e. Chrome or Firefox). You can check for graphics driver updates if you like. Be sure your computer is backed up as sometimes driver updates can cause a computer to not work properly.

Click on the Finish button. Construct2 should be installed and you are ready to start creating games.

Note: After using Construct2 for a while, you may get a message at startup saying there is a new verison available. You can either follow the update button or cancel and go into Construct2.

Copyright © 2021 Eric Schumm. Permission granted to freely use this in your classroom.