Research: Music, Sound, and Voice in Games

In television, movies, and games, what we hear makes a big impact on the experience. This activity has you explore the ways that audio is used in games.

Turn In: A word processing document with your reflections to the five questions below.

Think through some of the games you have played over the years. Focus specifically on the background music while you played. Think about games that use voices such as people talking to each other that you can hear or talking directly to you. In some cases, the voices may provide very brief commands or hints to playing the game or the voices could be play-by-play talking of the action in the game. Focus next on the sound effects used in some of the games you play. Think about what triggers the sound effects, what the sound effects sound like, and the length of time for the sound effect (i.e. really quick or goes for a long time).

Keeping those things in mind, answer the following questions. You can ask friends, family members, or fellow game players for their thoughts on these questions and use that information in your answers.

1. How are sound effects used in a game? How are the sound effects triggered and how does that effect game play?

2. How is voice used in games?

3. How is music used in games?

4. What are some of your favorite uses of music, voice, and sound in games? Why did you like these uses?

5. What are a few ways that music, voice, and sound was used in a way that you did not like? Why did you not like these uses?

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