Setting Expectations and Setting Goals

In this activity we are going to set proper expectations and allow you to set a few goals for yourself in this course.

Turn In: Word processing document listing a few of your goals for this class.

This course is an introduction to game development. Each week we will do different activities to help you learn about and experience the different parts of game development. In this short amount of time you will create some games that you can play.

However, you will not be a professional game developer at the end of this course. Do not compare the games you create with the ones that you buy in the store. AAA (or triple-A) is the term for the highest quality games that are usually the best selling games. The cost to create those games are in the millions. Teams of professionals spends months and even years to create those games.

You may have a great idea for a game but then find that you are not able to create the game. Keep trying and learning new things. Eventually you may be able to figure out how to make that part of your game a reality. Leonardo da Vinci designed a helicopter in 1493. While there were some things in his design that would never work, his design was close to the first helicopter that took flight 450 years later. Also, George Lucas was not able to include all of the scenes he wanted to in his first Star Wars movie. Many years later when the technology was available, he did make those scenes and included them in a special version of that original Star Wars movie.

Be realistic. You are learning to create games and are one person. Push yourself to create the best games possible but also keep in mind that there are limitations to the amount of time you can spend and your current ability. Don't expect to create games like a professional game developer, rather make sure you are learning, improving each day, and enjoying the experiences.

This course should be fun and a chance for you to explore different topics related to game development and determine if any of those are of interest to you for either a future career or a future hobby. Many people make their living in the game industry or make some extra money creating smaller games or graphics/sounds for use in games.

List three to five goals that you have for yourself related to this course and game development. Make them realistic goals yet make them challenging so that you have to push yourself. For instance, I want to write a game that will make me one million dollars before the end of the course, is probably an unrealistic goal.

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