Taking a screenshot in Windows

Sometimes you need to an image of something on your computer screen. This activity takes you through making a screenshot in Windows using the Snipping Tool.

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Below are two ways to open the Snipping Tool. Try each way, close the snipping tool after the first way.

1. Hold down the Windows key and press the R key. This should bring up the Run window. Type in snippingtool and either press Enter or click on Ok.

2. In Windows7 and above, press the Windows key and type in snip then click on the item found called Snipping Tool.

The Snipping Tool has two different behaviors when opened depending on the version of Windows you are using. In Windows7, the Snipping Tool starts in the new snip mode while in newer versions do not start in that mode.

Other ways to start a new clip are ... click on the New button, click File then New Snip, or hold the Ctrl key then press the N key.

When in New Clip mode, left click your mouse on the upper left corner of where you want to snip then while holding down the left mouse button move your mouse to the lower right corner of the area you want to capture. When you release the left mouse button, the highlighted area will be an image in the snipping tool.

If you don't like the captured image or when finished with the captured one, you can use one of the new clipping options to create the next clip.

The snipping tool has a save icon to same the image as a file. You can use the Save As option in the File menu also. Do this is you need to send the file to someone or need to use it in something you are working on.

Next is the Copy button that also available under the Edit menu. Once you pick Copy, the image is put on the clipboard and can be pasted into any applications that allow an image to be pasted in.

The snipping tools provides a few options to mark up the image you captured. The pen icon can be used to draw on the image. You can change the color and thickness of the pen.

The highlighter icon is similar to the pen but like a highlighter is a little more transparent than the pen.

The eraser can erase either pen or highlighter marks made on the image.

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