Create 5 Games in Construct2

One of the best ways to learn about creating games in Construct2 is to create games. In this activity, we will reference a resource, currently free, that walks you through creating 5 different games in Construct2.

Turn In: This is an extra activity so there is nothing you need to turn in.

There are a number of free resources available to learn more about Construct2. This activity walks you through one such resource.

Click on the link below to go to a Scirra (the makers of Construct2) blog entry from November 24, 2015

Level Zero - Free Construct2 Book!

Note: This blog entry and the free download were available when this activity was written but may no longer be available. If it is no longer available, there are many other resources to pursue.

The authors of this book sell it for a little over $3 on Amazon but Scirra was given permission to give it away for free.

Find the button that says "Download for Free" then right click on it and pick the "Save Link As". You may be able to choose where to put the file. Once you have downloaded the PDF file, right click on it and pick Properties then the Unblock option if present.

Open the PDF document and go through it as time permits. The fifth page of the document is the Table of Contents.

You should already have Construct2 downloaded and you do not need to register on the Scirra web site.

Chapter 2 starts the first game then Chapter 3 is then next game. They provide links to download sound and graphics for each of the games.

Chapter 7 takes you through publishing your game. At this point, skip over that chapter. After you have created some of your own games, then you may want to re-visit that if interesting in publishing your games for other people to see and use.

Tip: Pace yourself, you do not have to do and learn everything all at once. As you have time and interest, work on one of the games in this book. Each game shows you a number of different things you can put into your own games.

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