UBuild: Find the Treasure

In this UBuild activity, you will create a game using some of the techniques you have learned.

Turn In: FindTheTreasure.capx game file

Find The Treasure is a race against the clock to find a specific number of items. The treasure items and the background will be similar in look which will make finding the treasure more difficult.

The HUD should always show the count down, the objects found on this level, the number of lives left, and the level number. The layout size should be larger than the window size.

Your game will have two different levels. Each level will have 8 treasure items to find in the allocated time. When the player does not find all of the treasure items in the allocated time, they lose one life and have to try the level again. The game starts with 3 lives.

When you run out of lives the game is over, display a message to the user that they did not win. When the player successfully completes both levels, a message is displayed telling them that they won.

Copyright © 2021 Eric Schumm. Permission granted to freely use this in your classroom.