Tower Defense Games

In this activity you will explore tower defense games and work on a tower defense game

Turn In: TowerDefense1.capx and word processing document the briefly describes the source for your tower defense game and at least 5 noteable modifications to it

Tower Defense is a strategy type of game. The player uses well placed turrets (automatically fires at enemies when they are in range) to fend off an attack of a large number of enemies. The enemies may have the same or different capabilities. Often the turrets can fire in multiple directions at a limited range.

An interesting variation on Tower Defense games is the PopCap game "Plants vs Zoombies". On the initial level, the turret is a flower. Other types of turrets are available at subsequent levels along with other obstacles used to slow down or stop the enemy. An on-line version of the game is available on pogo at ...

On-line version of Plants vs Zoombies

A quick search on phrases like "top 10 Tower Defense games" or "best Tower Defense games" will provide other popular and successful games of this type.

Construct2 provides an example Tower Defense game to illustrate some of the capabilities of Construct2. Looking at the example is an excellent way to learn more about what is availabe in Construct2 for creating Tower Defense games.

In Construct2, click File then New. In the search box in the upper right corner, type in the word turret and pick "Template: Turret Defense". There are some instructions at the top of Layout 1 and there are some notes on Event sheet 1. Read through those then spend a few minutes playing the game and trying out some of the options.

Tower defense games incorporate the pathfinding and turret behaviors along with events and techniques related to those behaviors. Watch the video below (a little over 10 minutes in length) for a better understanding of these and other Tower Defense concepts.

Construct 2 Academy -- How To Make Tower Defense Games with Construct 2

Note: A CAPX file is available with many of the items in the video. The CAPX was created in the pay version of Construct2 so when opening the project in the free verison, you will get a note that it exceeds the free edition limits and some of the functions have been disabled. You will still be able to see the project and how some of it works. Choose the TowerDefense CAPX at the link below.

CAPX Files for Construct 2 Academy videos

After going through the items above, you need to either take one of the items above and make some modifications to it or create your own tower defense game from scratch. In the word processing document, state which item you are using as your starting point (or if you are starting a new project) then briefly describe five notable things that you added and/or modified to your project to help you better learn the workings of a tower defense game.

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