YourGame -- revision 2

You have completed the first version of YourGame. It works and does some good things but there is still room for improvement and enhancement.

Turn In: Word processing document showing the list of bugs you corrected and enhancements you added in revision 2. The CAPX file for revision 2 of YourGame. Prioritized list of bugs and enhancements.

It is time to take your list of bugs, list of enhancements, and any comments your instructor provided you with then start work on the next version of YourGame.

If you have not already done so, make a copy of YourGame so that one copy is your revision 1 copy and the other copy is the revision 2 copy that you are going to be working on.

You should have a prioritized list of bugs and enhancements. If needed make any adjustments to this list. In your word processing document, there should be a "Revision 2" section listing those items you are going to target for this second revision of YourGame. You may accomplish all of those items and want to add more to the list or you may find that some of them are more time consuming than you thought and will need to be moved to a future revision. The important starting point is to have a plan and target for what you want to accomplish in the second revision. At the conclusion of the revision 2 process, the Revision 2 section of your document should only show those things that you changed or added to your game during the revision 2 process.

The expectation for this activity is that you have a target list of items to do for this revision, that you accomplished as many of those items as possible, and that any remaining items are on the prioritized bug and enhancement list. The Revision 2 list will show what changed with your game and the updated prioritized list of bugs and enhancements will show what may be worked on next. At the end of the revision 2 process, you have have a working version of your game that is a noticeable improvement on the initial version of your game.

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