YourGame -- revision 3

You have built the initial version of YourGame. You have done revision 2 of YourGame. In this activity, you will do one more set of revisions to YourGame.

Turn In: Word processing document showing the list of bugs you corrected and enhancements you added in revision 3. The CAPX file for revision 3 of YourGame. The updated list of prioritized bugs and enhancements.

Each time you do a revision of your game it should get better ... there should be less problems and there should be more and better game play.

If you have not already done so, make a copy of YourGame so that one copy is your revision 2 copy and the other copy is the revision 3 copy that you are going to be working on.

Incorporate any feedback into your prioritized bug and enhancement list from those you have asked to play your game and also your instructor. Target the highest priority items that you want to include in revision 3 of your game. Do any research and any design work needed for those items. Add those items into your game and test them out.

For this course, revision 3 will be the final revision. For a good quality game that people enjoy playing, there is no final revision.

Revision 3 should be a noticeable improvement on revision 2. Your documentation should have a revision 3 section that lists all of the bugs and enhancements that are included in revision 3. Your prioritized bug and enhancement list should have the items not in revision 3 that still need addressed in your game.

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