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There are a number of excellent sites to help as you learn and use Python

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There is no one web site or course that can teach you all you need to know about Python and using Python to solve problems. Therefore, it is important to have a number of "go-to" sites (in addition search engines) that you can use as you learn and use Python.

Throughout the activities in the Python Programming course, there will references to the Python documentation and other sites that help you learn Python, provide documentation, or demonstrate with sample code.

Tip: If something you are learning does not make sense to you or there is more that you want to learn about the topic, spend time working through the provided references or go to the section on one of the sites below covering that topic.

Let's look at of these sites ...

Official Python Site

As you would expect, the official Python site has a lot of information about Python. They have a beginner's guide, documentation, a success story feature (at the time of this writing they feature a company using Python -- Industrial Light and Magic -- special effects company for a number of movies including the original Star Wars movies), an event calendar, and when ready a job board.


Code Academy

Code Academy steps you through learning Python in a comprehensive yet easy to follow way. You are presented with some information then try it out yourself on the page. The menu at the bottom allows you to jump to the topic of interest to you. You can login to save your progress.

Code Academy

Google Python Introductory class

Google has made an introductory Python class available.

Google Introductory Python class

Work through the course materials. Then complete the "Basic Exercise" and one of the other exercises. Submit your completed work.


YouTube has a lot of videos on a lot of different topics. In the search bar type in python then the word or phrase of the topic you are trying to learn.


Python Information and Resources

The Python Resources page provides a lot of good information about Python and links to other resources related to Python.

Python Resources for Programmers

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