Intro to Game Programming using Construct2

Week 1 - Getting Started

     About this course and about you

     Download and install Construct2

     OPTIONAL: Taking a screenshot in Windows

     Introducing Construct2

     Construct2 Template and Example Exploration

     Turning in Your Assignments

     EXTRA: Create 5 Games in Construct2

Week 2 - Research, Study, and Design Games

     Reflections on You and Others Game Experiences

     Popular Games and Categories of Games

     Design a Game I -- My First Game

     Setting Expectations and Setting Goals

     OPTIONAL: Career Exploration - Game Designer

     EXTRA: Your Game Design Notebook

Week 3 - Game Graphics

     Graphic Creation Tools

     Getting Started with GIMP

     Layout, Layers, and Viewport

     Creating Game Backgrounds and Graphics

     Animated Players via Sprite strips

     OPTIONAL: Career Exploration - Graphic Designer

Week 4 - Behavior analysis and exploration

     First Look at Construct2 Behaviors

     Physics behaviors and the collision polygon

     More Construct2 Behaviors

Week 5 - Events -- where the action is

     Introduction to events and the event sheet

     Animate characters

     UBuild: Pong

Week 6 - Multiple Layouts and more Events

     Global variables in Construct2

     Multiple Screens and Levels in Games

     UBuild: Maze Game

Week 7 - HUD (Heads Up Display) and Review

     Heads Up Display via the Beginner Tutorial

     UBuild: Find the Treasure

Week 8 - Voice, Sound Effects, and Background Music

     Research: Music, Sound, and Voice in Games

     Getting Started with Audacity

     Record and alter your voice

     Creating Sound Effects

     Sound Check: Putting Audio in Your Games

     OPTIONAL: Career Exploration - Sound Engineer

Week 9 - Alternative Input: Controller and Touch (and how works if you don't have these)

     Using a Gamepad

     Using Mouse including Drag-n-Drop

     Using Touch

     Optional: Play Your Game on Another Device

Week 10 - Platform Game and Data Storage Options

     Platform Games

     Storage Options -- What is available and deciding which one to use

Week 11

     YourGame jump start -- What do you want to do next week?

     Reduce Redundant Code

     Tower Defense Games

Week 12 - YourGame -- Choose/Do Your Own Project

     Research: Background on the project

     Design: What is your project going to look like?

     Code: Build/write/code your program

     Test: Test Plan and Test Plan Execution

     Reiterate: Prioritized Bug/Enhancement List, Then Start Again

Week 13 - YourGame -- Making Some Revisions

     YourGame -- revision 2

Week 14 - YourGame -- More Revisions and Wrap-Up

     YourGame -- revision 3

Week 15

     Sprite font


     Construct 2 Debugger

Week 16

     Pick 3 Learning Opportunities

     Event Management and Organization

Week 17

     Learning on Your Own

Week 18 - Wrapping Up

     Course Evaluation and Feedback


     Pausing Your Game

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