[Beta] Python Programming

This course is currently being refined.

     Check back for updates to this course

Week 1 - Getting Started

     Getting Started with Python

     About this course and about you

     Learn: Output in Python

     U-Code: Hello World and a few other output programs

     Python Learning Sites

Week 2 - Variables, Calculations, and Input

     Learn: Calculations in Python

     Learn: Variables in Python

     U-Code: Variables and Calculations

     Learn: Input in Python

     U-Code: Input and More Calculations

Week 3 - Logic, Decisions, and If

     Learn: Logic and Decisions

     Learn: If in Python

     Check: Logic

     U-Code: Decision Time (If)

Week 4 - Lists, Arrays, and Tuples

     Learn: Visualize Variables and other Code

     Learn: Lists in Python

     U-Code: Lists / Arrays

Week 5 - For loops

     Learn: For loop in Python

     U-Code: For

Week 6 - Conditional loops

     Learn: While loop in Python

     U-Code: While loop

Week 7 - Using Functions

     Learn: Using Functions in Python

     include information about modules

     U-Code: Fun Using Functions

Week 8 - Creating Functions

     Learn: Creating Functions in Python

     U-Code: Creating Your Own Functions

Week 9 - Files and Folders

     Command Line Python

     Learn: File Processing in Python

     Learn: File and Folder Manipulation

     U-Code: Fun With Files and Folders

Week 10 - Randomness

     Learn: Random Number Generation

     U-Code: Some Random Projects

     U-Code: Random Passwords

Week 11 - Modules

     Learn: Python Modules

     U-Code: Python Modules

Week 12 - Classes and Objects

     Learn: Intro to Classes and Objects

     U-Code: Build and Use an Object

Week 13 - Coding project part 1


Week 14 - Coding project part 2 / Group Project?

     Programming Project

Week 15 - Project(s) Wrap-Up

     Programming Project

Week 16 - JSON and regex

     Learn: JSON parsing

     Learn: regex

Week 17 - WebServices

     Learn: Http (web) client interface

     Learn: Webservice call

     U-Code: Web talking

Week 18 - Wrap-Up

     Course Evaluation

     Moving Forward


     Items of interest to students that are not covered in the course

     Additional programming projects for those interested/need more of a challenge

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