Finch Robot with Python

Getting Started

     Getting the Computer and Finch Connected

     Running the sample programs

Exploring the Finch Features

     Explore the Finch Hardware (observe illustration and read through features)

     Turn the wheels

     Blink the Beak

     Make some noise

     My position is ... accelerometer

     Light sensors

     Obstacle sensors via infrared

     What is the temperature?

Finch Projects (try a few of the following)

     Note: Links below are subject to change.

     Make the Finch dance

     Remote control - type in commands to tell the Finch how to move

     Use the Finch as a spinner for games that need a spinner

     Finch Song Player

     Simple Simon Says - position is given then checked to see if the Finch is put into that position

     Measuring Reaction Time

     Finch security - determines when a door is opened

Additional Finch Links (includes some of above items)

     Finch Decision projects

     Finch Loop projects

     Finch graphic projects

     Finch Arrays and Lists projects

     Finch text based activities

     Finch AP Computer Science activities

Controlling the Finch with a XBox360 Controller

     Python and the Xbox 360 Controller

     Controlling the Finch with a Xbox 360 Controller and Python

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